Your chance to befriend the Ruin.

2019 was a good year for events at St Michaels and All Angels’ Ruin.

On 21st April an Easter sunrise service was held in the ruin at 6.00 A.M. On 22nd and 23rd June the Ruin was one of the venues for the successful Bowthorpe Arts and Crafts Festival.

On 21st September, for our Heritage Open Day ,the well known Paston Heritage Society was present to entertain and explain
many interesting facts from local history.

On November 16th a charity concert was held in Bowthorpe Church to raise funds for the Ruin. The Ruin was floodlit and
there was a good attendance . An enjoyable time was had by all thanks to some wonderful musicians who performed for free.

The Ruin Trust hopes to host further events in the coming year.

Our survey of 2018 indicated that Bowthorpe residents were in favour of maintaining the ruin and using it in this way.

At a recent meeting of the Trust we discussed how we could keep people informed about developments and plans for the
future . We decided that one of the ways of doing this would be to form a Friends’ group.

I am therefore inviting you to join this group. There will be no formality and no membership fees or meetings to attend. I will
do my best to keep you informed about what is happening and of course would welcome any comments that you wish to make.
To join, all that is required is for you to send details of your name and e-mail address (or postal address for those who do not use e-mail) to me via : or 2a Saint Michaels Cottages, Bowthorpe Hall Road, Bowthorpe, NR5 9AA

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Jo Storie
(chair of the Trust )

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