Jim Moore, Author

I met Jim Moore when he promised to bring copies of his new book, ‘Radulf the Aetherling’ to the first Bowthorpe Arts Festival. I was very pleased and excited as I am aware we haven’t managed to reach all the Bowthorpe writers and poets yet! I am pleased to say that the Bowthorpe Arts Foundation has bought copies of Jim’s book for the libraries of all three of the Bowthorpe schools that took part in the festival. I am sure you will all agree that the children’s art displayed in the Festival pop-up shop was quite magnificent!

Jim: I started writing about 50 years ago, but it was a Stroke last year that spurred me on to complete the children’s books that I had been working on since my own children’s early childhoods.

I started writing as it was suggested the stories I made up at my children’s bedtimes I should write down and this carried on with my grandchildren.
I moved onto Clover Hill, the first village at Bowthorpe, in 1976 with my wife Sheila and our young family of four children.0n my daily walks with our dog I would think about how Bowthorpe would become very built up as the other villages of Chapel Break and Three Score would soon fill the now empty fields of poppies, clover and grass behind where we lived. This brought into my mind what the fate of the animals, birds and insects would be when their homes were destroyed. This became the germ of my first book,’ Radulf the Aetherling’. The second of the trilogy is ‘The Valley Witches’ and the third ‘The destiny to Venta Icenorum’ which have yet to go into print but are ready.

The books don’t only feature Bowthorpe but the whole of the Yare valley plus forages into Norwich centre using all the landmarks of the city, as obviously wildlife lives in all areas and all have been affected by the changes within our environments.

I think the book would appeal to all ages. Young children would enjoy it read to them and older children would enjoy the history and being able to follow the path of the characters in the book through the Yare Valley, Norwich and back in history.

Books can be purchased on Facebook by going to JimMoore the Author where they will find a link to Paypal.
My advice to young writers would be don’t take as long as me before taking the plunge! Always keep notes of any ideas that come to them day by day and believe in yourself and let your imagination flow.

Jim Moore, Interviewed by Lucy Care

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