Bowthorpe Church Update – February 2019

Main Service — 10 : 30 am Sundays

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Thank you for the wonderful generosity of all of you who came to Bowthorpe Church at Christmas and so willingly gave to our two Christmas charities. Thank you also to those of you who gave generously outside Roys too. Together we raised a magnificent £570.00. £285 has gone to the Mayor of Norwich’s charity, the Feed, which helps homeless people start making a life for themselves here in Norwich; and £285 went to our mission partners in Bangalore, India, who work with the poorest of people in that city and beyond.

Last month my daughter and I took your generous gift to India. Individuals added to this and I was able to give them a grand total of £340 for their work among children, youth, single mothers, and those at the very bottom of society living in the slums of Bangalore. The money will also go to help refugees from Sri Lanka. It may not sound a huge amount of money compared to the vast need that we saw. However, the money will go a long way in India.

Even though we gave to help them, we received wonderful and generous hospitality from our mission partners. Their kindness was overwhelming and humbling. In the slums of Bangalore we visited people in their homes, people who lived on the margins of society. We saw the very people your money was going to help, and in appreciation people wanted to welcome us and give us what they could, a drink or a biscuit. So many times we sat on the only piece of furniture they possessed, sometimes a simple bed or a plastic chair.

Their generosity reminded me of the proverb: “The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor” (Proverbs 22:9). In the New Testament we read, “Let’s not just talk about love, let’s practice real love” (1 John 3:18).
In this month where we think about romantic love, let’s remember the generous love that gives and keeps on giving, the generous love that has its origin in God.

Until next month,

Rev. Mark

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